Tuesday, August 16, 2011

a little story

we were eating at the fish tavern. A little girl crossed the road, wearing her swimsuit, at eleven o'clock at night and swam in the black sea, happy as a fish, or a mermaid.talking later with her mother..she told me that she is a handfull, drives her (the mum) crazy. And that she is only 4 years old. I was making sympathetic noises, secretly rejoicing in the little one's spirit. (there was a grownup with her, watching from the beach)
as I was being sympathetic, the mother went on: "and do you know what she did? she wanted to take her swimmimg aids off, and I wouldn't let her because she is too young, and the little devil BIT them off with her teeth!!"
I couldn't hold back, a loud HURRRAAAYYY was heard, right there in the fish tavern, after midnight, two nights ago.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


to all of you who read here and especially those who have left comments in the previous posts..thank you so much, your words of support give me courage and strength, they mean the world to me
we keep on getting austerity measures that are harshe and harsher, taxes piled upon taxes, and it doesn't look as if they are getting any results..
the computer is very uncooperative in the heat, it closes after loading sites and pictures, it gets overheated or just fed up..
I will visit individually, but I wanted to say a collective thank you
the japancloth is travelling with me to spain to be stitched down, and it will be presented to the Embassy in December

in between travelling:
I've made a feather for jude's feather project

I wanted it to be special, so I made the "cloth" first-pomegranate dyed crochet yarn, with a few extra strands of indigo added as an after thought
catching the shadows. It;ll go in the post on Tuesday
I learnt how to twine rags into string, and she got a head of hair, made from the mnemonic device I used while composing the tale I'm telling
and a face, and a name..meet ANNA the raglady
making a book of fabrics .. the Odyssey, part b, of course
abit like a vertical quilt- stacked layerson to the next voyage then.. see you soon!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a small chronicle in pictures

hibernating blogwise-the computer seems to be in a good mood today, it let me upload the cellpics
I've been travelling, storytelling
a storytelling spot on mt.Pelion, home of the centaurs. Built by the Ottomans, used by everyone to access water

coming down from the mountain a ferry took me across
tsipouro, meze and music on Pelion, after the Odyssey. what you can't see in this picture is the sea- astounding view
the same village, on mt Pelion
this is Syros, the port of Ermoupoli, once capital of Greece
a lot of sea travel when touring in Greece
On Crete, Psiloretes, called also mt Ida, birthplace of Zeus.
rusty pump in Amari, Crete
I did tell the Odyssey here, it is in Gerakari, Crete. the best audience I've ever met.
cushions in the school at Amari, the school is not in use
a pile of saints in the same school, and a cloth in need of mending. I did consider nicking that cloth, but only for a moment
marble beast on the church at Agios Georgios, on Pelion
what is this lady doing on the wall of the church, on a mountain??
ripple weaving at sunset at Chania, Crete

turbulence in the port at Syros
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