Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I;ve been thinking of you, often.
I'm still here, but I'm not sure that here is still the same place. Shifting, changing, moving, flowing.
the crisis is not a crisis anymore, crises are supposed to be moments, violent shifts...what about a long lasting continuous violent change that goes on and on/?
It has been a most amazing and wondrous time
scary and exhilarating
day to day
riding the storm
We are ok, making do
I am learning,
breathing in and out,
just letting anxiety, scary thoughts, hard emotions flowwwwwww through
being conciously grateful for good health, beauty in the world around me, kindness in peoples souls, love and poetry.
some news, epigrammatically:
*I'm letting my hair do its thing- no combs, no blades. just keeping it clean. it is dreading. I;ll be a 50 yr old greying dreadhead in a couple of years. WILD FUN!! Is it the hippie or the witch inside me that is being set free? I don;t know and it is unimportant to know..
*I love what I'm doing because I'm doing what I really love.. The lack of paying work has helped me decide to do what makes me happy, and it is working. I tell and teach Homer, Odyssey and Iliad, working and searching for a 21st century oral epic way..
*I keep chickens..another epic voyage..they are the funniest beings on earth, so vulnerable, so silly, so wise, and they are performers of miracles. Eggs! perfect form! food! they eat little and they give so much-
*I am in the chorus of an amazing theatrical production of the Bacchae by Euripides.
*It has been revealed to me, and I'm not entirely joking here, that we are standing on the belly of the god of Silliness..when we get too serious he laughs out loud, deep belly laugh and all is shaken- tsunamis, crises, storms..when we  let ourselves play and do silly things he/she? sighs quietly and smiles.. silly things like standing still and practicing stillness, walking barefoot in the sand, swimming at nighttime, singing and dancing, making up worlds and sharing stories..spending hours composing an ode to the dishcloth in perfect metre..
oh, and loving passionately whatever you are doing isn't that the silliest thing?
loving passionately
maybe just that

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