Friday, July 30, 2010


the connection- take a look at this

off again

he wandered off
then followed me back to the village where his owner was looking for him
I'm wandering off to Vytina in Arkadia
to tell stories,
say hello to the trees,
the mountains,
and a few friends

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


yesterdays storm was impressive

a puzzle-FUN

once I was commenting to a friend about my messy home, telling her that my mother says I could do with some obsessive compulsion
and she said that of course I am obsessive-compulsive, a musician who has practised scales for hours daily can't not be...
and she set me free!
since then I have been happily exploring that side of me, making things with no guilt, things that need extra care, and lots of small repetitive actions,
I was able to recognise that getting things "just so" can have different forms
sorting out intersections of seams and cutting up after to make more intersections can be very enjoyable
and I love the "deconstructed- reconstructed" result, yes it can lead me somewhere,
all my thanks to jude hill for her online classes, and the "patchwork beasts", for being a generous and gentle guide into totally unknown territory
the house is still a mess, clothes, cloths, scraps all in piles !
maybe a storm inside would do the job

Monday, July 26, 2010


one of my favourite sretches of road
loud voice

the crack of dawn
this happened during the night, I opened my eyes to ittwo nights on the beach in kea, heatwave, storytelling, catching up with friends from the north, head filled with cicada song, making a beachcloth, cutting, sewing, cutting, sewing, swimming at night, swimming at dawn, moon filling the sea with stars, sun setting it afire, sinking myself in stars and fire, now it is thundering. stormclouds in the sky. home.

Friday, July 23, 2010

in and out

madder+sumac leaves+a pinch of alum, next is madder+rusty nails, pomegranate rinds all on dmc cotton yarn in solar pots, simmered a short while and left for a week
a seam apocalypse
madder +iron on the brownish, the other is cochineal. I'll let them cure awhile
I'm in and out, telling stories here and there
the needle is dancing in and out learning new dance moves
things are jumping in and out of pots
(its good when I'm away because I can't poke them)
blogger is in and out, making it difficult to answer comments and see other blogs
thank you so much for your comments.

Friday, July 9, 2010


i spent some time stitching on this trip
a bit like love letters
the storycloth needed a dreamer to get it started again
and here it is: first panel, the first adventure of the hunterthree panels in all, I think the other two will have more images, this is enough for the beginning. they will be oiled with linseed oil, and lit from behind
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