Thursday, August 27, 2009

and now...

it is not the first time I have been in the wake of a wildfire. in 1998 I lifted my eldest in nappies from his crib and ran with him in my arms through the scorching smoke in front of raging flames to safety. every summer fires rage throughout the country side. two years ago they got out of hand and burned huge areas all over the mainland. there was a lot of talk about taking measures to avoid the same thing happening in the future.
but it does happen. again and again. And Greece is a very dry country, it takes decades for a forest to regenerate and mature..more often than not fire takes its toll before the forest has re established itself making the loss irrevocable.
that is why reforestation and the care of the forest in the future is the best way to undo some of the damage
also the education of our children whose legacy is beying destroyed to respect and care for nature and themselves

suddenly my little "stash" of seeds, leaves, flowers from dyeplants has become precious, invaluable.
they can be turned into seeds of knowledge and experience, a legacy for the future
this land has a terrible need of good, to undo the bad

That is why we have begun a new project called art for trees, it is a call of help to artists and craftspeople all over the world
we are asking for donations in the form of works of art that can be sold to provide funds for reforestation in a responsible way
I have started a new blog, attika sos in english and greek to host information about the project hoping that it may work as a forum for ideas, information and experience regarding these matters
there you will find information about the organisation the will act as host for the proposed events, and you can follow the progress of the action
I'm hoping that a visit will inspire donations- please forward the link to anyone you think might be interested
any ideas- thoughts- experiences are more than welcome, please do not hesitate to post comments -they are very helpful
also I welcome any thoughts about the connection between fiber and textile arts and environmental awareness - I will post all relevant texts, with authors permission, and translate them into greek
every gesture helps, every phrase, comment, experience, thought, idea, is more than welcome. at this moment i feel it is of vital importance.
i will keep this blog as a more personal account of my dyeing, felting journey
jasmine has been the moving power for the undertaking of this project, please visit her blog by clicking on her name to see the rug she is making for us
thank you all

Monday, August 24, 2009

I have to do this quickly because I don't know how long I;ll have electricity- it is mostly down

I'm ok, the dogs ok and the house is ok, the boys are in Spain

everything else is black and burning
around here there is not much left for the fire to burn, but there are a couple of places where they can't control the fire, tall pine trees etc so the planes are flying over all the time

the fire has gone south towards Athens

what I really want to say is that it is wonderful to find your comments and support they made a good "place" so thank you all very very much for your concern, I will thank everyone personally when this is over

oh the olive tree you see in other posts is full of birds- we are a little green pocket
it is so sad

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I hate black

wildfire. started at 10 pm, too late for the planes. on a hill behind the village, we are on the other side so that is probably ok. in a way.
on the hill where the landfill is going to be. pines, juniper, wild pistachio, innumerable flowers, kermes oaks, olivetrees, almond trees, sheep, goats,
the morning will show
there are 60 firefighters 2o fireengines the police won't let us near
I've spent nights up there watching out for fires
all alone with trees and stones, from sunset till dawn
it is a place where I have been made welcome by the trees and stones
I have listened to their tales
two years not a flame
this year they wouldn't let us look out for fires because of the landfill works
the riot police were up there, busloads,
the undercover "safety"police were there, carloads
and the firemen were there
and tonight the fire is there doing its work while the firemen protect the landfill landscape machinery
and the trees are burning
the animals are running
isaw foxes outside my house and birds flying at 3 oclock in the morning
it is snowing ashes
and the village is dancing. really. it is the summer dance-ball? of the football team, there is an orchestra playing in the square,
i smell smoke
I hear music
waiting for dawn when the planes can rise the sun will light the black of this nights work
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