Thursday, December 30, 2010

my cup runneth over

magic of telling
it is my riches
telling under trees..paradise (looking through this years photos)

there is a family staying with me. a completely non dysfunctional family. we are not related by blood, they speak a different language, there is a cultural affinity - they are a balkanic family, neighbours now, 200 years ago there were no borders between our countries. then there were borders, cutting off families, regions, pastures, deadly borders guarded by killer dogs and men with killing weapons
now we are both in the shengen agreement and they are free to travel
it is a long story
first the men came, workers, labourers,legal, illegal, crossing mountains on foot, coming from hunger to..where?the promised land of imagination
what did they find?
what did they leave behind
long story, I 've already said that huh?

now the families left behind are coming and seeing where their men were all these years, they see the places and the people they had only heard about, imagination is meeting reality (one kind, at least)
what are they seeing?
what will they take back home?
long stories
stories in the making
she is a doer
she cooks, cleans,washes, cleans, cooks, she takes care of them all
pitta from scratch, at least once a week she says, (when I say from scratch I mean from the gathering of dandelions and other weeds) there were quince in my fridge, waiting..(for what I don't know) now they are marmelade
there are lots of smiles, there is a lot of talking, and laughing, and the doing is done. just like that. soul searching at a minimum. It is a priviledge to be part of this, to see, observe, be, do in this company. mmm, and the food is good.
carols on Christmas Eve, a tradition. (ok since we're on the subject, 2nd generation immigrant..) children bring joy and luck to the household..the natives don't usually venture as far as here, remember, we are on the wild side..
the star, finished, travelled to spain, to my far away stars, first son and his dad. these are on sale.. waiting for the crisis to blow over most likely
for anyone interested in the subject of borders this is a book I strongly recommend.. A Short Border Handbook by Gazmend Kapllani

Saturday, December 18, 2010


this has been in my mind since the stars a few posts ago..have you heard the story where the girl has married the moon and she goes to his house in the sky? there is a wide plain, and there are lots of people kneeling with their bottoms sticking up and their heads in the ground. later in the story she taps on one persons shoulder and he lifts his head. in the ground there is a hole, and she sees the earth and her place. when the being turns around and looks at her, she sees that he has only one huge eye in the middle of his forehead.. he is a star

off to bed, long day tomorrow, solstice storytelling begins. I'll post about that, I promise..

Friday, December 17, 2010


luka cat dog
her foot is on the big mythology book that serves as a table sometimes

yesterday I stitched all day, started 3 little cloths. The pictures are terrible, but I can't find the charger for the camera.
after watching jude's videos "making" discipline went down the drain. I had to get these out of my system
this is a the literal one.. a landscape

a ship on a winters night

and the holy wild cow womanstaring at the bases took much longer than the actual stitching
and there is some digesting to be done
and now, some housework
we are reaching the b.c. era- before civilisation

Thursday, December 16, 2010

the solstice, 1

from 2007, a

that is me on "living on earth" a radio program that airs in the USA.. I was in a radio studio in Greece, and they connected through internet phone

sweatpea..not a video, but close

(the photo is from 1996..)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

like bees, this buzzing

this is athens today, from italian newspaper la repubblica, click here to see a live video from constitution square. General strike, no cars, riot police with the pidgeons guarding..what? our democracy? from whom? voters??
hard times

the link doesn't work any more, there were riots, molotov cocktails and tear gas, because of the strike I've been reading the foreign papers

winter, heroes, containers and the galaxy

envelope pouches, all plant dyed cloth
from clothes

weekend work- had to drive through this, ice at night, to go to tell stories and come back at night
the insides, sometimes a lizard hides in there
the outsides
little onesthoughts:
-why is the eye of the storm called an eye? from aerial pictures and because of the silence I would think it is an ear
-knitted cloth makes me swear. only the colours are fun
-it can take days to make one tiny pouch, and a few can be made in a day. this is not a paradox.
-making arroz con leche can connect you to the galaxy if you speak greek. rizogalo-rice and milk-gala=milk=galaxy. boys believe mothers are for making warm sweet milky things. maybe we are put on earth for that purpose.
-it is 4C outside. no central heating. fireplace night tonight.
-some people are heroes, they spend their life grumbling. (bus driver complaining today - well it was raining, and yes, when you go up a mountain there are lots of turns, villages tend to have not very wide roads, but mr... there are roads, they are better than passable, and your work is taking people places, no? and we have made this huge space for you to park and turn comfortably, and we brew coffee for you drivers, but, life has to be difficult, otherwise you wouldn't be a hero, huh?)
-children always ask me if goblins exist. I always say they do. our world is multi dimensional, and deep inside we all know that. that is why stories are true.
-seeing how wide their eyes get and their chins falling is priceless.
-Luka dog is a cat dog. when the fire is lit she wants to sit inside the fireplace. me too.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

gathering,making, thoughts

the repairs on the car were far more expensive than the economy of this crisis hit storyteller could absorb, so said storyteller decided to make things and sell in a small bazaar type market
it was a bit like a whatif, as in whatif I do it and see what it's like
it has turned out to be a huge whatif, pushing me to think and do
I started by making little pouches from clothes I use in the koutsouna dollmaking with children
I'm very quickly learning about different weaves, knits, yarns etc and their conduct when forced or coaxed to interact with each other
at the same time I'm learning about design, making decisions, and about which aspect of making is more interesting to me and what gives me most pleasure.
and, of course, about discipline, focus, and organisation
I can't, in this context, follow all the ideas that come to me while considering a piece just to see what it will become
so, for the first time i made a "thought catching" journal, and it is becoming very important
also, at every step, I see the need to simplify and be effective
also how to plan realistically about how much time I need for each item
i do like what I'm making, but not as much as how it is teaching me about myself, about cloth, about reality
when I looked at one of the little pouches I made and realised that I found it cute, intelligent, but a bit "far away" I had a rethink
and it dawned on me that I do have lovely cloths that are unique and precious.
so out came the boxes of dyed pieces of sheets, pillowcases and canvas that had been resting in the dark

they were washed to become softer, hung in glorious sunlight to be blessed
I must admit i really enjoy lookingat, smelling and feeling this cloth
everything became much simpler. the design is a simple lined envelope pouch which folds upon itself. I'll show you tomorrow, I don't have daylight pictures. they are quick to make, and my heart sings when I look at them and when I hold them.

these are examples of the other style, I do like them, but they need a lot done to them, many desisions taken to get them to a state where they will satisfy me.

they say it will snow tomorrow so I went on small gathering expedition, to meet the short autumn

one of the best things that have come out of the market adventure is that I reorganised a part of my room to let the light in and become a working space. now, when my glance goes that way, for some reason it makes me think of Grace. maybe it is the colours and the cacti and what i think new mexico is is a weird time, fluctuating, changing, i can't quite describe in words
i think I am moving more firmly on this path that opened with listening to the flowers talk
but it feels like a cusp, a moment when all directions are open
maybe life is like that anyway

and magic is always here
grace, grace of windthread is sending me a cloth that she found in a thrift shop, a cloth that made my heart bump when I first saw it in a post
and it is coming from socorro

I think these are practising how to look like flowers

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