Friday, March 26, 2010

hell is the dark side of paradise

ΕΔΕ απο Χρυσοχοϊδη, τα ΟΥΚ ανήκουν στο Λιμενικό!

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this video shows greek special commandos shouting racist slogans, still in formation right after the parade for national independence day yesterday
I am terrified and ashamed
violence is in the city, fear in the souls
oh, it is so difficult, at times to be part of this

Thursday, March 25, 2010

inorganic pigments(preview), some onion skins, alkanet, landscape and plants

onion skins, cotton
and linen.
photo by my dear friend and coleague Mats Rehnman who popped over from Sweden for world storytelling day

another of Mats;s photos. this is Rhamnous, an ancient port. Yes, it was named after the persian berry producing bush which is still prolific in the area. I think I've mentioned before that I think I live in dyeland....
straining pomegranate dyebath. I;ve been dyeing metres and metres of thick cotton for my current project
which is a painted storycloth, an illustrated storytelling par. this is on of the plans I've made, on paper
moon rising
I am using inorganic pigments with soymilk as binder and sizing. this is linen. It is absolutely beautiful when painted on.
this is an alkanet dyebath, a linen dress, I extracted the colour with alcohol
this is what I do with the remnants of mixed colours
in the red is genista tinctoria, in the blue.....what else indigofera. still waiting
new leaves on rosebush in the early sunlight

and me with a part of the storycloth. this is the baba yaga place. The cloth is one of my milky pre mordanted cloths from last year, it is perfect for painting on, no wicking. I had two of these cloths, one soaked in yogurt, one in kefir, diluted with water. both are stiff and smell a little cheesy. This is what I've been up to, the weather is warming up, the flowers are in a wild dancing mood, giving their all before the heat sets in. paradise.
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