Tuesday, October 25, 2011

nightime storytime dreamtime

This is the ultimate storycloth 
unnight cloth

it holds our stories
it holds our dreams

 and then it lets them go

 they escape through the unstars

Luka says hello
we read a book of the Odyssey at a tea shop on Sunday. Aloud, but not too loud..for a while all was quiet, they even stopped the music.

if you are on facebook check out the group mythologue, I post explanations in English..we are organising a reading of the whole Odyssey on the street, in the centre of Athens

I found the sheet on the street, in Athens.dirty but not odious. went through the longest hottest wash twice..it is strong cotton, lovely for storycloth. I do like the moment when it is just a blank screen- it could still be anything...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I do not know what the right path is. My mind is foggy. I envy the cypress for its certainty.

a gentle slope, a young olive grove waiting for the moon to bless it
I've been making inks. Rhamnus, (persian berries), walnut, and the queen: pomegranate
my city looks like this a lot lately
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