Saturday, September 17, 2011


September is a bit like the new year..
saying goodbye to the summer
I went to spain for a few days to see this young man who is already taller than his dad. My son Antonio who is now living in Warsaw.

Telemaco, second son, in the blue shirt, on the first day of school. it is his last year in primary school. He is growing fast too.
I am jobhunting, reading ads for childminders. I have made some tentative efforts to actually get a job, but it seems I'm not quite decided yet..but the time is getting close, when I'll absolutely have to find a means for making money..

In the meantime I made a cloth for Leonidas, my cousins son, a cloth which actually got made! I had started a bigger one for him, but it wasn't getting finished any time soon, so i decided to make something that he could hold while still a baby.. it took about 15 hours to make.. with finishing it as the main aim

and I like it.
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