Monday, June 29, 2009


right outside my door: punica granatum, rodia, grenadine windfalls- their siblings are on the tree getting fat

persian berries, rhamnus, they are all over the place

diospyrus kaki, persimmon - these didn't make it. I love the colours. these are certainly going in a dyepot

planting our belated dyegarden. lots of basilicum ocimum, purple basil, they are already much taller

luka supervising the work. that is what she does- supervising with a wise look. except when she thinks what I'm doing might be edible- then she gets silly drooly waggy

fleece everywhere. I'm in love

the blue is from the unbelievably smelly fleece vat, the yellow is rose leaves, solar no mordant, the brown is from a mixed remnant- I think there was eucalyptus in it. :-). I keep on plonking bits of fleece in various liquids, various jars, tins, etc I leave them in the sun until they get a nice colour, if I don't post immediately I forget what is in there


yvette said...

Luka is more civilised then my 3 dogs...there where digging holes....

Manya Maratou said...

hi yvette mine love digging holes where it is cool and shady- my first flowerbed of this year is just a series of dogbeds now....this site was chosen because it gets full sun for most of the day. unfortunately that means watering daily. also I communicated my displeasure with growls and barks everytime they went near :-))

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