Tuesday, September 21, 2010

swinging my arms

In Warsaw, walking, I remembered what fun it is to swing your arms as you go along. I piled scraps and "married" them, just to feel the thickness- then, all through my train and plane travels I stitched and stiched, in a "lets see what will happen if.." manner. now it is a hard cloth, sturdy, I think, but I don't like it very much.. all colours are from plants, even the threads, and I don't agree with it anymore..but it is definitely a learning piece, it will become a pouch-bag thingy when I decide which way is up!!
the light is changing, nights are cooler
and we still go for a swim every now and then

Friday, September 17, 2010


she is my treelady, I think, summer evening

autumn beach in greeceWhitby beach
a moor artist
bits and pieces left behind on foreign beaches
I'm trying to return from gilgameshland
and all those summer travels
change and fluidity- need time to settle, all I do is clean in spurts and cook for little one
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