Wednesday, June 3, 2009


the kind people who gave me their coats

the breed is called karagouniko
the wool is classified as coarse carpet wool. If it is true that the water from the first washing can be used as a mordant for cellulose fabric I am going to get good colour on cotton from washing these. The owner said my best bet was to go to the sea to wash them..double mordant!
he seemed glad that someone finds them useful, usually they are left to rot. I got two sackfuls for free and an invitation to pass by whenever I want and take them all. I have years of work before me, starting from the washingIlove the colours, black, brown and white, as you can see on the little ones waiting for their mums
the fleeces have short hairs, long locks and some downy bits
some have a greyish hue, like silver, beautiful! but I will know more after they are washed
The mothers, here they come! the lambs running towards their mothers and the mothers greeting them, in the picture they are running .. the days are long, the grasses are dry and they eat dried food and drink a lot of water. Chief checking me out

yes, now I have fleece


yvette said...

you're rich!

Manya Maratou said...

yes yvette, it was at the hour when the sun is setting

Ladka said...

I'm glad you posted the info on the origin of the wool you (are going to ) use! The situation in my country is similar with the smaller sheep breeders - they are glad I take the fleeces. Only I have it washed, carded/woven since I live in a block of flats in a town 25 km west from Ljubljana, the capital, and have no possibility to wash it myself.
Happy cleaning, washing, carding and felting, Manya!

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