Friday, June 19, 2009


can.t find combs, the folklore museum has 1 of a pair, ordered hand carders, combs-drum carder too expensive, will make combs diy
I have fleece in the bathroom, in the kitchen, on the balcony..I see fleece at all important moments of the day
my loom is warped, (in my bedroom) I see in my minds eye a woven- felted fleece pelt. thinking of making a mongolian dwelling, the pre- ger one, just sticks and skins. my skins will be woven, felted dyed, fleecy things..
I am getting very proficient at finding plants with red roots. will post
have been trying to make vats with purchased indigo. succesful with the fleece water one, utter failure with the more chemical one, have thoughts about that, will post
there are jars of leaves and wool and water all over the place
I see stiching in my dreams. never thought that would happen to me.
I look at the locks and find them beautiful
after june 21st the days will start getting shorter, yet the heat is not at its worst-best
have planted a very late provisional dye garden
haven't attempted "proper"madder yet
my dyebooks are getting a worn look
I jump out of bed every day eager
I am blessed


Martine said...

Bless you. No happier girl than the one thats happy with her work.

Ladka said...

Yes, it is obvious you enjoy your work. It brings more happiness with beautiful results of your investigations and experimenting, and the failures are less bitter, not discouraging at all.
I'm very much interested in the "red" plants growing in open nature - not having a dyer's garden, any garden at all.
These long and hot June summer days are really best for natural dyeing. I too have fleece and yarn in the bathroom, in the kitchen, on the balcony even in my bedroom. Sometimes it would be good to tidy it all but in fact I enjoy it.
My three dyebooks arrived today which is very rapid delivery, I didn't expect them before end of June. Now I have much to read, learn, admire, investigate, experiment :-)

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