Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I have been silent for a long time. Here, and in my telling, also. A speechless storyteller. I can tell you, that is anxiety producing.
I want to sincerely thank those of you that contacted me in concern.
I can write, it seems, in little bits.
maybe I'll tell a story in little bits
little dots and circles of words patchworked together
a stitching story
a scrap story
not weaving
no long interwoven threads of images, meaning, words, actions
making rhythm, sound.
sound story, rhythm story
can I teel an epic in little sound bits?
maybe this is what the world is about today

a bombardment of scraps of information
a piling up of rags
(I cannot help myself- images flash through- bodies, bombs, body parts, plane crashes, earthquake, fire, destruction)
ok I will do it in little bits then
it is like learning language from the beginning
putting words into silence
it is like
being born again
once more
being born
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