Saturday, June 13, 2009

for T

these were taken in march, 3 months ago

I was excited about the design possibilities for weaving

then I started thinking about colour....

and now I am playing with fleeces and pots
It is all dried up now, and cut for fear of wildfires


Jasmine said...

these are beautiful pictures :)

yvette said...

dried up...did you use it in the dyepot?

Manya Maratou said...

next year next year I was overwhelmed this year didn't know where to start and the flowering season is too short for dithering
I've got poppies in the freezer
some got boiled, see my first posts!

T said...

Thanks for your beautiful rosette photos Manay. Nature provides us with all sorts of intricate designs and inspiration.

I know what its like to be overwhelmed with dye, wool, and pots everywhere. I had the same problem over summer. There was many a solar dyeing bag or pot that dried up, or went mouldy. It is all about time, but then again timeing is extremely important. Winter here at present makes dyeing very simple as there are not many plants to use. Good time to rest.


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