Tuesday, July 28, 2009

softly and with humility- sigana kai tapeina

softly and with humility I tread on this earth

here she is, the crone, softly singing, leaving an everlasting mark on the souls of the listeners.

I was in Arcadia-literal - real arcadia, a sea of mountains and trees in the heart of the Peloponnese

we told stories in the forest, sang songs in the taverns

a workshop in the woods: we tied leaves and twigs and flowers collected from the ground with coloured yarn, spinning storywebs, and hung them on the trees. a twig for the prince, a flower for the third daughter, bark for the crone, the witch. a sickle shaped dead branch for Charon, death himself.

then we beat drums and told the story of inanna's descent, the fox, naming the world

now we have gone, leaving the lightest of footprints, carrying our fugitive marks inside of us. the forest is there dancing its skyward dance.

one day it will be gone too, dust or charcoal, who knows

why do we make so much effort to find "fast" dyes and colours-an illusion of eternity, false as false can be when a moment of true beauty can last forever, there, where it counts, in our souls.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

small update

looking good! the purple basil is growing and there are lots of seedlings thrown in randomly and sprouting. they might just give something before winter. there is coreopsis, there are rudbeckia of some kind, the daisy like ones with the black centre, and the purple ones, I do not know their names- I liked their colours. there are dahlias and zinnias, I got them very cheap because it was so late in the season. the little trunk you see is our peach tree, it grew from a pit thrown randomly- we chuck all pits, pips, seeds from fuit onto the dirt, I cheat because I aim towards the watering drips...the dogs think it is a wonderful game so I do my throwing when they are not looking
these are my latest felt creations, made while waiting for my brother to wake so that we could rehearse for a gig. we were in rhodes, and of course I had carried fleece and carders with me for a two day stay with work! they were made in the palm of my hand, they could be eyes or leaves, or even fried eggs, if you are hungry. the model is my favourite red rose bush, the one of the colourful leaves. the snake rope is for protection and blessing
more colours. solar dyed, no mordant, uncarded rinsed wool. no detergent. I let the fleece dry without rinsing, these have been washed with olive soap, to see what will happen when I felt them. the colours did not change. I think that this method of dyeing is good for felt because of the lack of ph modifiers


when the moon is full the marks are the same in different colours. this first one has been dipped and dried many times in very umripe persimmon juice. it is getting darker every day, the colour is beautiful. it is cheap bleached cotton- a leftover from an old workshop. shadows
like boys
they never stand still long enough

shadowmarks on stones with fossils in them
yes the sun is the strongest one of all

I went to a concert of his, I was 16, first time concert! while he was playing this song, the lights went out, electricity down, total darkness and silence, then the police fell upon us with tear gas and clubs. I climbed over a wire fence in a split second. running away, the people from the houses around hosed us down with water and threw us lemons for the tear gas. that tear gas then (1981, yes, aeons ago, when I was 16) was nothing compared to what they use now. I'm off- the president of our community sent a message calling everyone to the community centre of the village- it is 11 30 at night, it seems the company is coming to make the landfill which will bring tons of trash from athens to one of the most beautiful spots left in attica.

Friday, July 3, 2009

I knew it!

this is where I go when I sleep

do you see anyone washing the wool??

I knew it!

and then we bless it

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