Saturday, June 13, 2009

heh heh I know why crones I turning into one?

this is not going to get hammered tonight and tomorrow it will be gone

the pot is doing something. slooooowwwwly

these whisper at night telling me stories in my dreams

the first one on the left is from fresh walnut leaves, the second eucalyptus windfalls solar dyed, slooowwwwlllyyy with no mordant. the walnut is a very warm colour. both washed and rinsed. the net bags hold smaller bits of fleece
I spent the afternoon chuckling- carding with dog brushes!you can see before and after. I think what I need is combs- I'll have to find some and try them out.
and these are the colours. all are natural, the grey at the top is a combination of the other ones. the white was by far the easiest- fastest- softest. I have only rinsed them, they are great to touch and smell of wool. and they are much much cleaner than they were.
there is going to be felting tonight!
the boys are having boiled potatoes...


Jasmine said...

I love the fleeces hanging on the line, reminds me of dreadlocks.

Is the bottom picture dog hair? That is such a good idea, my dog (sadly missed) could give any sheep a run for her money, she was so fluffy :)

Manya Maratou said...

hallo jasmine, I love the look of the fleeces too, luckily they are not dreadlocks - I couldn't do anything with them if they were. in the last photos is wool from the fleeces- not doghair- I used the dogs brushes to comb- card the wool, in little, little bits. I have to find some proper equipment, but I was impatient to try out the wool- it is a first for me, homemade raw fleece wool

yvette said...


what beautiful colours and i can feel smell enjoy the fleece


Manya Maratou said...

yvette I bang them with hammers, lightly on cloth their colours and shapes print themselves it is beautiful

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