Thursday, December 30, 2010

my cup runneth over

magic of telling
it is my riches
telling under trees..paradise (looking through this years photos)

there is a family staying with me. a completely non dysfunctional family. we are not related by blood, they speak a different language, there is a cultural affinity - they are a balkanic family, neighbours now, 200 years ago there were no borders between our countries. then there were borders, cutting off families, regions, pastures, deadly borders guarded by killer dogs and men with killing weapons
now we are both in the shengen agreement and they are free to travel
it is a long story
first the men came, workers, labourers,legal, illegal, crossing mountains on foot, coming from hunger to..where?the promised land of imagination
what did they find?
what did they leave behind
long story, I 've already said that huh?

now the families left behind are coming and seeing where their men were all these years, they see the places and the people they had only heard about, imagination is meeting reality (one kind, at least)
what are they seeing?
what will they take back home?
long stories
stories in the making
she is a doer
she cooks, cleans,washes, cleans, cooks, she takes care of them all
pitta from scratch, at least once a week she says, (when I say from scratch I mean from the gathering of dandelions and other weeds) there were quince in my fridge, waiting..(for what I don't know) now they are marmelade
there are lots of smiles, there is a lot of talking, and laughing, and the doing is done. just like that. soul searching at a minimum. It is a priviledge to be part of this, to see, observe, be, do in this company. mmm, and the food is good.
carols on Christmas Eve, a tradition. (ok since we're on the subject, 2nd generation immigrant..) children bring joy and luck to the household..the natives don't usually venture as far as here, remember, we are on the wild side..
the star, finished, travelled to spain, to my far away stars, first son and his dad. these are on sale.. waiting for the crisis to blow over most likely
for anyone interested in the subject of borders this is a book I strongly recommend.. A Short Border Handbook by Gazmend Kapllani


ξωτικό said...

some weeks ago i was exploring your part of attica, but i could not remember the house... i was thinking of you, would have come to see you...
i am looking for a story, "rahat locum" - do you know it? it, too, talks about borders, although of a different kind...

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

what happened...i wonder. left
a comment earlier and...not here?
anyway...i spoke of living very
near a serious border here in
New Mexico...all i have learned
all i still learn. and looking
at your photos and words, i think
about what i most hope for, if it
is that i will move from this
beloved Place....that a family
could have it. a woman and her
children that are from that other
side of this border. it's a hope.

jude said...

something weird going on with comments all around the web. and my google reader isn't working.

that star is amazing. as is this story. did you make that fringe?

twhIch aye said...

hi manya! wonderful story of connections. never quite understood borders and allegiances other than to earth and it's beings. so happy for all of you!
your walking star... lovely. the colors and the actual star. i can't think of the right words, but amazing! will do :)
and wishing all of you a wonderful new year and much peace and harmony for you all in that area of the world. will be thinking of you...
much love

Manya Maratou said...

grace..I've been having problems with comments here and on other blogs..may the families find a safe haven.. it is a prayer, yes

Manya Maratou said...

the fringe is from a scarf given to me by the boys dad, I dyed it with indigo, now it is in his home. the base is woven from smallest sons shirts.

Manya Maratou said...

oh, and the other fringe, the orange one is from the back, linen, I pulled threads until no more could be pulled, I especially like linen threads when you tear it.

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