Friday, December 17, 2010


luka cat dog
her foot is on the big mythology book that serves as a table sometimes

yesterday I stitched all day, started 3 little cloths. The pictures are terrible, but I can't find the charger for the camera.
after watching jude's videos "making" discipline went down the drain. I had to get these out of my system
this is a the literal one.. a landscape

a ship on a winters night

and the holy wild cow womanstaring at the bases took much longer than the actual stitching
and there is some digesting to be done
and now, some housework
we are reaching the b.c. era- before civilisation


Jacky said...

These are the ship (I am playing with a piece based on the owl and the pussycat...this reminds me of it).

Your wild cow woman is wonderful. Dont worry about discipline...we're enjoying your 'play'.

Jacky xox

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Magnificent! I love all three of these. But I especially like the soft sandstone colors of the landscape. I see a little figure walking off towards the mountains/pyramids at sunset.

Nevermind about the housework, you just keep stitching away!;)

deanna7trees said...

perfect fabrics for each of your themes. it's so much fun watching all of these come together.

grace Forrest~Maestas said... much is under the sea...
and Hathor...there was another
name i remember somewhere in my
mind...the Wild Cow
maybe she is in the before
civilization to me recently does
not look so's as if all
humankind is displaying itself in
harsh neon...i don't know what to
i love your voice coming from
Living on is just as
i knew it would be...
and i am wishing i could come to
the gift bazaar...
ohhhhhh, i feeling like making up
some little very short song to
hummm over and over...
love flying to you and your hearth

paddysdaughter said...

These are lovely Manya, I really like the little landscape and the sea....I've been itching to make another little piece too after seeing those latest ones from Jude.

Els said...

The eyes in the middle one are watching that the ship sails safely home.
Love to see it when "cloths" are being born ;-)

deb g said...

Really like your ship at sea...

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