Thursday, December 16, 2010

the solstice, 1

from 2007, a

that is me on "living on earth" a radio program that airs in the USA.. I was in a radio studio in Greece, and they connected through internet phone

sweatpea..not a video, but close

(the photo is from 1996..)

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Sweetpea said...

Oh my dear Manya, it is not often I get what I ask for...THANK YOU for posting this link. I enjoyed every moment of this! I could listen to your voice for a very, very long time.

Do you know, it has been longer than I can remember since I've had the pleasure of listening to a story being told. I had forgotten just what a pleasure it is. Why as adults do we tend to forget about these very important things?

I was right - you are an *eye* ;>}

What a most wondrous gift of storying you have...thank you again, so much.

~ Christi

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