Saturday, January 8, 2011

just another morning

the sun shines in my eastern window. i've hung graces cloth there, my eyes feast on it, admiring. ideas are coming about how to turn it into a storytelling cloth, but not the story. not yet. just enjoying, and wondering at the beauty of the cloth and the gesture. it makes me happy.this is another gift. took he picture because I liked the way it looked all jumbled up. woven from our native coarse wool, here in the village, must be very old- it was made by the grandmother of someone who is a grandmother herself.

did a little piecing experiment:

picked three scraps from ever expanding scrap bag
no waste, use it all up, cut after making the seam. it helped that one was a strip.
started with no plan or measurement
like it so much i've been carrying it around in my pocket for a few days

medusa the gorgon in the making
want her to be terrifying
but still to be able to receive a tender glance

layered charm
it has me thinking of a double sided cloth with all the layers visible at the seamsthe family are safely back home, the little one is safely here, his brother and father are safely back in Warsaw, and I am here, blessed.
Bless you all this new year, may the light shine through all clouds and worries.


Martine said...

To me Medusa allready looks a bit terrifying. Waiting for the snakes........

Penny Berens said...

It might be just another morning, but you certainly have been busy. Using up scraps just as they are is something I love to do. Medusa is indeed fearsome already and the snakes will make her much more so!

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Hello Manya,
I love your little pieced cloth. Such a sensitive palette. I think I'd want to carry it around in my pocket too. It looks so soft. I also love your hanging charms. The layers and the exposed edges. Hoping you post alot in 2011! :) Feel like I can learn so much from you!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

manya..did you get a chance to look
at the Utube of
ShaShaHigby...Glass Jungle, White
Ash on Water?

i am thinking too of both front
and back of cloth

your window. oh, your window..~..

everyone in their place. this is
very good. now just breathing and
making for all.

Manya Maratou said...

ha! synchronicity once more, grace..just left a story on windthread

Manya Maratou said...

Martine, hi, the emotions were terrifying at the beginning, now there is some compassion. they say she was beautiful

Manya Maratou said...

Catherine, after seeing what you've done in the last 2-3 posts I'm blushing

Valerianna said...

Hi Manya - I love the two pieces of cloth - the burgundy one with the heart and people inside, and the one below with the star design. Reminds me of ancient petroglyphs and paintings on skins, beautiful.

Els said...

O, what a lovely things are developing in your place over there
Especially the one with the random leftovers! (and of course Medusa ...)

Jasmine said...

You always have such wonderful things to share. Happy 2011 to you Manya xJ

Morna Crites-Moore ~Wicked Waif ~ said...

LOVE that piece you've been carrying around.

Jacky said...

Medusa is just wonderful...I can feel her power! Amazing piece.

I like that you have been carrying that little cloth around in your pocket...sort of like a little comforting talisman.

Your charms are so beautiful and quite special. I made a special little charm last week for a friends birthday (embroidered one of Judes white feathers on it).

So glad all the family are safe and sound at home now and you are back stitching.

Jacky xox

Jacky said...

Oooops .... and I forgot to say how lovely the cloth you received from Grace is.

Jacky xox

joe said...

"just another morning"...ha! just filled with joy. just overflowing with creativity. just brimming with inspiration!

i'm breathing it all in. ingesting the creative emanations and enjoying every moment!

thank you!


liniecat said...

Love the little leftover experiment, calming colours with a hint of the great sky. And I like the boro cloth bag idea too.......
Odd, but I did a Medusa at work last week, using Zychem swell paper, which raises where you have printed in ink when passed througha machine much like a very hot toaster! It was for a blind child to use, to feel the shape of the head and snakes etc. I much prefer yours!!

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