Thursday, December 9, 2010

gathering,making, thoughts

the repairs on the car were far more expensive than the economy of this crisis hit storyteller could absorb, so said storyteller decided to make things and sell in a small bazaar type market
it was a bit like a whatif, as in whatif I do it and see what it's like
it has turned out to be a huge whatif, pushing me to think and do
I started by making little pouches from clothes I use in the koutsouna dollmaking with children
I'm very quickly learning about different weaves, knits, yarns etc and their conduct when forced or coaxed to interact with each other
at the same time I'm learning about design, making decisions, and about which aspect of making is more interesting to me and what gives me most pleasure.
and, of course, about discipline, focus, and organisation
I can't, in this context, follow all the ideas that come to me while considering a piece just to see what it will become
so, for the first time i made a "thought catching" journal, and it is becoming very important
also, at every step, I see the need to simplify and be effective
also how to plan realistically about how much time I need for each item
i do like what I'm making, but not as much as how it is teaching me about myself, about cloth, about reality
when I looked at one of the little pouches I made and realised that I found it cute, intelligent, but a bit "far away" I had a rethink
and it dawned on me that I do have lovely cloths that are unique and precious.
so out came the boxes of dyed pieces of sheets, pillowcases and canvas that had been resting in the dark

they were washed to become softer, hung in glorious sunlight to be blessed
I must admit i really enjoy lookingat, smelling and feeling this cloth
everything became much simpler. the design is a simple lined envelope pouch which folds upon itself. I'll show you tomorrow, I don't have daylight pictures. they are quick to make, and my heart sings when I look at them and when I hold them.

these are examples of the other style, I do like them, but they need a lot done to them, many desisions taken to get them to a state where they will satisfy me.

they say it will snow tomorrow so I went on small gathering expedition, to meet the short autumn

one of the best things that have come out of the market adventure is that I reorganised a part of my room to let the light in and become a working space. now, when my glance goes that way, for some reason it makes me think of Grace. maybe it is the colours and the cacti and what i think new mexico is is a weird time, fluctuating, changing, i can't quite describe in words
i think I am moving more firmly on this path that opened with listening to the flowers talk
but it feels like a cusp, a moment when all directions are open
maybe life is like that anyway

and magic is always here
grace, grace of windthread is sending me a cloth that she found in a thrift shop, a cloth that made my heart bump when I first saw it in a post
and it is coming from socorro

I think these are practising how to look like flowers


Penny Berens said...

Manya, love the markings on your eco prints, especially with the sun streaming through them.

nandas said...

i am so glad grace is sending you that cloth, manya. it will be beautiful as a backdrop to your stories.
i am impressed that you rallied up to make items to sell... i am looking forward to hearing how that goes.... i just joined your blog... i thought i had already joined it but my little face wasn't there... now it is!

twhIch aye said...

such beautiful cloths. the sun shining through them, they look so warm. like they should be for wrapping up in.

thanks for sharing about your thought catching journal. i've been doing something similar, but i will take some of what you shared to widen it's scope. very nice

how nice your are receiving something from grace! when i've received packages from her, i felt that i could smell the desert coming from the package... so beautiful.

much love!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

having read this this morning
carrying it through the day
and now
into the night to dream, looking
forward to words that will come
of their own accord

Judy Martin said...

I love this post.

It seems really real.

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