Wednesday, January 19, 2011


making a borobag backpack with pieces of clothes, leftovers from ragdoll koutsouna making. some woven, initially with no base, very loose, moves around a lot until they find their place. all very loosely basted onto a sheet, then a "stretchy" piece of skirt, it is the stitching that holds it together, uncountable layers at the seams
lines and lines of stitching are making a very sturdy cloth
I tried to traverse the whole bag with lines at right angles, felt very much like weaving (with some diversions for fun, little winding paths, turning around on themselves)
the pins were in only for a moment, to hold the final seams
generally I like basting layers with thread to hold them together letting them move around until they are stitched down
it makes my left hand, the holding one take up an active role of energetically feeling the cloth as it comes together
the joining seams were very thick, the pins were under tension, I could almost hear the cloth sigh as they were pulled out
this is what I'm doing in anticipation of the start of jude's contemporary woven boro online class
I think it actually began sometime last year when I found her blog, spiritcloth


deanna7trees said...

interesting description of bits of cloth, here and there, coming together to make something new and useful.

Els said...

YES all are waiting for the beginning !
(... and now the power is down, sigh, so we all have to wait a bit more !)

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

This is an amazing cloth, Manya, and will become a fabric story worthy being a backpack for a storyteller like you ...

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

the cloth sighing...yes.
you sit on the floor.
since these little dogs, i can't.
they think i am making an interesting place for them to walk and sit...
your backpack....ahhh.

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