Friday, January 6, 2012

the world is made new today

the day after they all left I got up long before dawn, drove over the hills, past the lake, took a train to the south, boarded a ship and travelled over the sea to a land of summer
  I went toSyros to tell stories for a night.I am always amazed and wondering at how, in this country, you can go to so many different places so quickly.
I was transported to a place of almost indescribable beauty.

I saw pidgeons doing their courting dance, people swimming in the sea.

had a drink with friends, slept, coffee at the port, and then I was transported back home following the sea path, the one that gets left behind. The path you make.
here it is windy, rainy and very cold..winter, at last.

today, the 6th, the custom is that the priests bless the waters- all over Greece, in all bodies of water, the blessing is chanted and a cross is thrown in the water- men jump in to retrieve it, and he who comes up with it is the lucky man for the year- he takes the cross to all the houses bringing his good luck with him.
it is usually very cold, the people watching wearing coats and scarves.
it is called the festival of lights in greek- Ton Foton- that says something about sea and sun- but the wind is wailing too loud for me to formulate thoughts into words..
have to check the dripping leaking windows
so today when everything is blessed, cleansed and new
happy new everyday


Penny Berens said...

And I was transported right along with you. Simply gorgeous, Manya.

Velma said...

and happy new year, manya, a wee bit late. lovely trip...

Nancy said...

Manya- wow thank you for taking us all along and educating us too. Happy belated New Year!
Oh, and gorgeous photos, the light dancing on the water...amazing.

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