Friday, January 20, 2012

at last, the bright side. Bread and Books.

this crisis thing, or recession, or depression-call it what you like. Sometimes its a foggy road on the mountain

 sometimes its scary like what if there is a hole in the fence
 but sometimes it can be light, clear and beautiful
Like today, in Nea Makri
I went to meet up and have coffee with a friend. we actually had never done this before, we only meet at rallies and committees
so today we met to talk. At a cafe, with this view. After days and days of freezing weather, the sun was hot, so we sat outside
amongst other topics we talked about my books.
I am a booklover and a bookeater, and, until recently a book collector. Until this summer, I finally realised that books are made to be read, and not for sitting on shelves collecting dust. so since July I've been taking them down, keeping only my stories and storytelling reference books, much read and loved.
and then piles of books- what to do with them..
I tried freecycle, gave away good university bibliography to open university students. Others needed to know which books I'm giving away, but they are so many I would need years to just write the titles and organise them..
tried looking at the bookcrossers sites, but again, something about them just didn't click
(maybe that self- congratulation..or the tracking down of books- and, no way would I "label" these books) that helped me think- I want them free, to be read, cherished, shared ..or thrown away..
to make a long story short
I am taking them to the cafe next week to start an open, liberated libray
and I am talking with other places in Athens
and we are starting a storytelling club as well. And it was soooo easy.
But that is not the magic part.
on my way back, I stopped at the bakers, in Marathon. There was a pile of books on the table. I asked, and they said..oh, my brother in law leaves them here, people take them and read them and bring them back..
that is the magic part
we are all beginning to think about ..well, everything
this would be unthinkable a couple of years ago..books in the bakers!


Isabella said...

This idea of liberating books has a lot of magic... and makes me reflect. I was a book collector since not long time ago... now my focus has changes due to kids and different lifestyle. Until now my books are collecting dust on the shelves.. I cannot decide what to do with them. Keep share give away ? Or wait for another change in my life? I'm going on thinking...

Martine said...

You are so right.... books are way to valuable to take dust on the shelves, they should be read.
I must think of something similar too, otherwise i must think of moving house and i love my home........

neki desu said...

lovely idea, especially in these troubled times of ours .

Sweetpea said...

You are a good caretaker of books, Manya, they are lucky to have you looking after them.

Ahhh, to sit in that cafe, with that view...!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Manya. That's a marvelous story and an interesting social phenomenon. Yeah, maybe we need to share more and use less to save the planet.
best, nadia

antArtiste said...

Γεια σου Μανια και καλή χρονιά, καποια στιγμη το καλοκαιρι θα ερθω σε επαφη μαζι σου μηπως και μπορεσεις να πεις και εδω ιστοριες, στο νησι. Υπαρχει ενα Αρχοντικο, που γινονται πολυ ωραιες εκδηλωσεις και νομιζω οτι θα σου αρεσει.. Φιλια
Ευδοξια _ Δοξίδι.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

this is a very beautiful story, and
how when something NEEDS to happen
amoung people, a way opens? i just
love this.
and i love your meeting at the
cafe...i try to place myself with
you and your friend, looking out
seeing what you see.
happy reading these words, love.

Judy Martin said...

beautiful story
beautiful sharing idea

I too have a lot of books, and when you spoke about listing and titling and labeling them so that you could put them up for sale - well I identify with how much work that would be, and like you, I have not done it.

I wonder if a book table in my local baker's would work as well.
Thanks for the inspiration.

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