Saturday, January 22, 2011

seams again

I like taking pictures at dawn
elvira. she loves to pose-diva elvira. she is 7 and a half years old (for Penny)
seam's edges on the inside
and on the outside

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


making a borobag backpack with pieces of clothes, leftovers from ragdoll koutsouna making. some woven, initially with no base, very loose, moves around a lot until they find their place. all very loosely basted onto a sheet, then a "stretchy" piece of skirt, it is the stitching that holds it together, uncountable layers at the seams
lines and lines of stitching are making a very sturdy cloth
I tried to traverse the whole bag with lines at right angles, felt very much like weaving (with some diversions for fun, little winding paths, turning around on themselves)
the pins were in only for a moment, to hold the final seams
generally I like basting layers with thread to hold them together letting them move around until they are stitched down
it makes my left hand, the holding one take up an active role of energetically feeling the cloth as it comes together
the joining seams were very thick, the pins were under tension, I could almost hear the cloth sigh as they were pulled out
this is what I'm doing in anticipation of the start of jude's contemporary woven boro online class
I think it actually began sometime last year when I found her blog, spiritcloth

Saturday, January 8, 2011

just another morning

the sun shines in my eastern window. i've hung graces cloth there, my eyes feast on it, admiring. ideas are coming about how to turn it into a storytelling cloth, but not the story. not yet. just enjoying, and wondering at the beauty of the cloth and the gesture. it makes me happy.this is another gift. took he picture because I liked the way it looked all jumbled up. woven from our native coarse wool, here in the village, must be very old- it was made by the grandmother of someone who is a grandmother herself.

did a little piecing experiment:

picked three scraps from ever expanding scrap bag
no waste, use it all up, cut after making the seam. it helped that one was a strip.
started with no plan or measurement
like it so much i've been carrying it around in my pocket for a few days

medusa the gorgon in the making
want her to be terrifying
but still to be able to receive a tender glance

layered charm
it has me thinking of a double sided cloth with all the layers visible at the seamsthe family are safely back home, the little one is safely here, his brother and father are safely back in Warsaw, and I am here, blessed.
Bless you all this new year, may the light shine through all clouds and worries.

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