Monday, July 26, 2010


one of my favourite sretches of road
loud voice

the crack of dawn
this happened during the night, I opened my eyes to ittwo nights on the beach in kea, heatwave, storytelling, catching up with friends from the north, head filled with cicada song, making a beachcloth, cutting, sewing, cutting, sewing, swimming at night, swimming at dawn, moon filling the sea with stars, sun setting it afire, sinking myself in stars and fire, now it is thundering. stormclouds in the sky. home.


Healing Woman said...

Sounds glorious!

Andrea Bustelo said...

Check out my blog, I'm giving you the kreativ blogger

Valerianna said...

Oh yes, cypress trees with trunks painted with asvesti! last night I dreamt I was in Greece again, only for a few hours, but couldn't find my landlady who I hadn't paid years ago when I left. I did, in fact, pay her when I left in 1994, but somehow I keep dreaming I didn't....?

Some day I will swim in the blue waters with the moon reflected - a perfect setting to birth stories from the ancient land. One day maybe we will meet along the path and tell each other stories in color and words.

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