Saturday, July 4, 2009


when the moon is full the marks are the same in different colours. this first one has been dipped and dried many times in very umripe persimmon juice. it is getting darker every day, the colour is beautiful. it is cheap bleached cotton- a leftover from an old workshop. shadows
like boys
they never stand still long enough

shadowmarks on stones with fossils in them
yes the sun is the strongest one of all

I went to a concert of his, I was 16, first time concert! while he was playing this song, the lights went out, electricity down, total darkness and silence, then the police fell upon us with tear gas and clubs. I climbed over a wire fence in a split second. running away, the people from the houses around hosed us down with water and threw us lemons for the tear gas. that tear gas then (1981, yes, aeons ago, when I was 16) was nothing compared to what they use now. I'm off- the president of our community sent a message calling everyone to the community centre of the village- it is 11 30 at night, it seems the company is coming to make the landfill which will bring tons of trash from athens to one of the most beautiful spots left in attica.


Ladka said...

Interesting musings - or philosophy. And the pictures also ...

jasmine said...

Interesting pictures.

You talk about Attica and the beauty spots... Is that something that is happening now? If so I am sorry you have this type of shadow overhanging you.

Is there anything that can be done to help you? x

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