Thursday, May 7, 2009

koumoundourou square

we went to Athens yesterday, telemachus the weaver was with me.

it was raining, I was leading a workshop with a theatre group.

we collected leaves and some seed pods from the trees on the square: eucalyptus and brachychiton. (my son and I did the collecting.with the actors it was storytelling)There were'nt as many leaves on the ground as you would expect from so many old trees, because the municipality of Athens keeps sweeping the square

it is in the middle of the historical centre of the town. at all hours of the day and night there are people sitting and lying on the ground

illegal immigrants, homeless people, drug addicts

little clusters of "special" police- always in the better lit places and never solitary

the government calls the periodic "cleaning up" operations - removal of these people from common view- "sweep-ups" "operation broom"

so the square is very clean.

they sweep up the people, and they sweep up the leaves.

on the way back telemachus made this picture, from the car.

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