Thursday, May 14, 2009

as I was walking down the street...

Really, as I was driving down the road I saw something yellow. I see lots of yellow there, bushes, flowers, plants, but this was a slightly different yellow, just a little plant by the side of the road. I stopped the car, my son in the back said oh no not another flower, I said I have to investigate. Turned car around, drove back, looked and saw a quite unmistakeable little St Johns Wort. HURRAY. the flowers are drying up, I will go back for seeds - Pray with me that sheep dont like it. anyway, it is there, and I'm glad- that probably means there 'll be more around.
see the little dots??

and then, waiting for said boy to finish his lesson, I saw a little plant nursery I hadn't seen before. I went in, and saw very very interesting plants for sale, not at all the touristy wholesale kind of stuff they sell in Marathon. I started asking questions, he asked me what my interest was, I got talking about dyeing with plants, he started asking questions and to make a long story short I left with his botany book from whichever school these people study plants- I offered to give him my name and number he said there is no need, I suppose he knew I'd be back soon

ha, day of miracles and wonders

it is true then that to find you only have to seek


fontainefleurie said...

Hi Manya, just walking trough Teresa's blogcomments and found you! There is much to read and what is see here is what I like! Will come back to read more. Please have a look at mine wish you more greet seekings, Dorie

Manya Maratou said...

Hello Dorie, welcome- I love walking through blogcomments and reading about fiber-dyeing-felting- printing etc adventures I have a feeling there is a kind of tele- community building up, with quite a bit of inspiration from eco- colour and the wonderful india- do you think so too?

Ladka said...

Hi Manya!
Your blog is lovely and I quite like your way of "reporting" about your findings. I understand very well your "see the little dots??" cause that's unmistakeably St. John's wort. As Rita also remarks in her book dyeing with St. John's wort isn't practical because picking individual flowers is a slow job. Although she says you only use fresh flowers I also use them semi-dry and dry, but haven't really found out the differences in the resulting colours on wool. I made three or four batches last summer, always getting the four different colours (and even many more from the afterbaths since the bath wasn't exhausted - nuances of gold to yellow): the batches differed from each other for one to two nuances.
As to your "Pray with me that sheep dont like it." I must tell you that the cows in my country Slovenia do like them - or was it a pig on free pasture that ate in before my eyes? I'm lucky to've found large patches of free-growing plants where nobody collect or eats them :-)) so it's not so difficult to get enough flowering plants. Still, it is time-consuming to pick the little flowers – but the results pay the work well.

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