Thursday, November 10, 2011


 I was greeted by our prime minister (the previous one, now) on a giant television outside the airport
 I didn't see much of the city, only from afar, but I did see the old shipyard. got to know it a lot, walking up and down
 some rehearsing, a little music, telling, meeting people
 and a flag..Greece was on my mind a lot, since we are being turned inside out by political powergames
 a greek question mark in one of our singing bowls
 colours on walls. the grey sky seems relentless, just as I suppose our sun is to people coming from grey skied countries
 language learning outside the mens rest room. looks like broken english..I know its the other way round. And, Martine, do women need telling?
 bench floor patterns during nightime
swans in couples
saw a raven
and fat self satisfied seagulls
ducks, and black ones that I learnt were called coots

I didn't spend much time in Amsterdam, but I saw people, met some I'm glad to have met, hung out with members of the pack, told and listened to stories
a good trip
maybe another time I will see the city, and, who knows, a blogging friend or two....


MulticoloredPieces said...

Lovely photos with interesting commentaries. You have a way of writing that puts one back into stories and myths.
best, nadia

Velma said...

lovely to carry your stories all around. this is heartening! and i love that sign!!!

Manya Maratou said...

Nadia, I live in mythland!

Manya Maratou said...

Velma, I love that sign makes me smile! and yes, our stories are our wealth, aren't they, and sharing them is what enriches our lives. And what is heartening is your comments!

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