Sunday, August 14, 2011


to all of you who read here and especially those who have left comments in the previous posts..thank you so much, your words of support give me courage and strength, they mean the world to me
we keep on getting austerity measures that are harshe and harsher, taxes piled upon taxes, and it doesn't look as if they are getting any results..
the computer is very uncooperative in the heat, it closes after loading sites and pictures, it gets overheated or just fed up..
I will visit individually, but I wanted to say a collective thank you
the japancloth is travelling with me to spain to be stitched down, and it will be presented to the Embassy in December

in between travelling:
I've made a feather for jude's feather project

I wanted it to be special, so I made the "cloth" first-pomegranate dyed crochet yarn, with a few extra strands of indigo added as an after thought
catching the shadows. It;ll go in the post on Tuesday
I learnt how to twine rags into string, and she got a head of hair, made from the mnemonic device I used while composing the tale I'm telling
and a face, and a ANNA the raglady
making a book of fabrics .. the Odyssey, part b, of course
abit like a vertical quilt- stacked layerson to the next voyage then.. see you soon!


deanna7trees said...

your post is chock full of goodies. that feather is so special on its woven background. the ragdoll and her gorgeous hair--an inspiration. and the book of fabrics. i love it. safe travels.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

how good to see these....
when you are gone, i miss you
much love, manya,

Els said...

Sorry, haven't been around for some time.
Love your woven strip with the feather. And the rag lady, doesn't she look a bit like Medusa ?
(Dear Manya, wish you people in Greece all the best in these difficult times, everybody has to size down a lót.... except the government people themselves I think ....?)

Penny Berens said...

What a feast of a post Manya. From the weaving to the twining and last but not least those lovely drawn images.
Take care.

jude said...

i missed you

Velma said...

good to hear your voice, and anna is amazing (as well as the feather). i have friends in athens, hard times.

Nancy said...

Your feather is an extra special earthy delight. Love it!
And Anna feels like an old friend and seems so touchable.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Came over from Spirit Cloth. A cigar box as a weaving frame, what a great idea. Love your feather and work. Take care.

Manya Maratou said...

deanna: thanks for your wishes.your smile always lights up my day, and yiu're usually the first!!

grace, sackfuls of it

els hi! yes, everyone is going through crisis, we greeks have a way of making everything dramatic and hard. I don't know how dangerous that is

jude i think i was being quiet

velma thanks..I've been emptying shelves of books dreaming that maybe one book like yours would be all

penny,i will, but not too much ;-)

nancy hi! dropped by your place...amazed- I'll be coming to graze :-)

hi there anonymous..thanks for dropping a note that cigar box is multifunctional my dad gave it to me years and years ago..jude showed a cigarbox loom in a class. Here in Greece little girls used to learn the basics of weaving on a tile (curved)weaving cloth for their dolls
I see looms everywhere
have been known to weave on chairlegs, branches, cigarette packs, trays...endless possibilities once you get the bug!

Isabella said...

Dear Manya, I stumbled on your blog today and remained stuck for a long time enjoying beautuful pictures, wonderful projects and touching, poetic words. I felt great at your place and will come back often! Greetings from Germany.

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