Wednesday, June 29, 2011

i have been quiet blogwise-
I've been stitching words, weaving story. Diving into Homers world.
also watching, hearing, feeling the country I live in fall to pieces. times of change. me too, i'm changing- feel like a snake sloughing off my skin
letting go
started with i refuse
i refuse to live in fear
accept change and flow with it
mantras that help most of the time
so now i'm letting most of my books go -discovered freecycle- giving them to people who will read them and are happy to have them
saying goodbye to an aspect of myself that was important once, but has changed now
tons of paper are leaving this house
keeping the stories for students of storytelling until the storytelling school has a place to house them
my stories are in me now, yes, oh yes, I am full of stories, storyrich


jude said...

how bad is it?

Sweetpea said...

Manya, I cannot imagine watching the fall firsthand. My husband & I have taken to watching the nightly news from Ireland (RTE, on the computer) which has been informing us in comprehensive ways that are not covered here (in U.S.) It is heartbreaking what is happening in Greece. Your stories may be raw for awhile. Keep your heart strong, my stitching friend.


cindy said...

i hope your stories wrap around you and loved ones, keeping you safe & comforted. you sound strong,

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