Wednesday, March 16, 2011

it clicked

will be posting more..just at the jotting down stage, but I want to document thoughts on an idea

on Sunday is World Storytelling Day, and we're organising an event at the museum of ceramic art, where the lessons of the school of storytelling take place
this year the theme is water. I am going to tell of a storyteller telling tales unceasingly to the ocean which listens, dreaming, quiet. No one knows what the ocean will do if the storyteller falls silent..

this, according to Jean-Claude Carriere is an ancient persian legend

I heard it for the first time in Cadiz, Spain, facing the Atlantic ocean

I told it for the first time on the day the tsunami hit indonesia

it is time to tell it again.

I will also set up a little frame loom and place beside it scraps of indigo cloth and pens, so anyone that wants to can write a wish or a prayer and weave it into the loom to make a cloth
create a moment of silence, of breathing in and out and making a wish of love for the people hurt by the tsunami, the world that needs mending

thinking of the cranes for Hiroshima

I have only just sent a first message to other tellers organising events these days for world storytelling day telling about this idea and already I have a first response from far away

the idea is to gather these scraps and patch them together into a comfort cloth
and find a way to send it give it to japan
(this part needs some working out- maybe the embassy once things start rolling)

and to activate mythologue, the open meeting of storytellers who got together and told stories in Athens after three people were killed in a fire during protests
and organise a mythologue event, and make more wishing prayer cloths
and ceremonies of mending
and at schools and in the tent

and anyone who feels like it can send a prayer scrap, or a cloth of scraps for the cloth
i think blue, indigo is the colour
what do you think?

all the preocupation with boro is maybe bearing fruit

ah yes, today I received news that the attikasos reforestation is finally going to take place..
will talk more.


deanna7trees said...

love the idea of sending a prayer scrap. will watch for your post telling where to send.

neki desu said...

lovely idea. if i can help in any way please let me know

Manya Maratou said...

I'm loading the camera for a proper post with an analytical presentation of what I have in mind

Marti said...

This is a touching project Manya: All across the world, cloth is making its prayer heard for the people of Japan. When the news came of Japan, I went to my cloth basket, I have no indigo cloth, only scraps that I have eco dyed from the fields. Pinned, weaved and stitched the earthtone tatters, threads hanging, fringes everywhere, compelled to offer prayers with each stitch. Both of my daughters have taught and lived in Japan but regardless, connection universal. One piece of crinkly white cloth, dyed in a tiny copper pot that left striations of blue and green, water marks pinned at the bottom of the prayer cloth. Stitched, and above the water cloth, printed on paper, the Kanji symbol for hope, Kibou. Cloth on wall next to daily altar, blessings, prayers, Kibou.

Manya Maratou said...

deanna, that would be wonderful, your scrap woven in with the others...

Manya Maratou said...

neki, thanks, for the moment it's rolling, but I'll drop a mail when questions arise

Manya Maratou said...

marti, yes, a lot of us turn to that basket in moments like these, don't we..I'm thinking of including others too..thanks for telling of hope

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