Wednesday, October 13, 2010


but thread, cloth, weaving.. sewing with thread, weaving sewn cloth, stitching woven threads, stars in the sky, waves on the beach, trees in a forest
and a hare that jumped on to my woven?stitched? cloth

the road weaving the fogcloth
weaving for protection
this is a woven sack that sits in the bread room in the folklore museum in Varnavas, the wool is very coarse, must be goat hair, I am wondering what it was dyed with. Probably chemical dyes that were sold by wandering merchants- the lore of dyeing from plants is lost to living memory, unfortunately, the best I've heard was "oh yes, my grandmother used a yellow flower.."

foggy warm humid
african dust turned mud all over everything
still in transition
something is coming
maybe it will appear in the fog, where everything is possible


jude said...

oh hey i am loving all this woven reference, beautiful cloth, beautiful fog.

deanna7trees said...

beautiful stitching and wonderful photos.

Manya Maratou said...

woven reference from at least thrice daily visits to your blog, jude weaving got me into this-

deanna thanks for your words, comments are precious

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