Thursday, March 25, 2010

inorganic pigments(preview), some onion skins, alkanet, landscape and plants

onion skins, cotton
and linen.
photo by my dear friend and coleague Mats Rehnman who popped over from Sweden for world storytelling day

another of Mats;s photos. this is Rhamnous, an ancient port. Yes, it was named after the persian berry producing bush which is still prolific in the area. I think I've mentioned before that I think I live in dyeland....
straining pomegranate dyebath. I;ve been dyeing metres and metres of thick cotton for my current project
which is a painted storycloth, an illustrated storytelling par. this is on of the plans I've made, on paper
moon rising
I am using inorganic pigments with soymilk as binder and sizing. this is linen. It is absolutely beautiful when painted on.
this is an alkanet dyebath, a linen dress, I extracted the colour with alcohol
this is what I do with the remnants of mixed colours
in the red is genista tinctoria, in the blue.....what else indigofera. still waiting
new leaves on rosebush in the early sunlight

and me with a part of the storycloth. this is the baba yaga place. The cloth is one of my milky pre mordanted cloths from last year, it is perfect for painting on, no wicking. I had two of these cloths, one soaked in yogurt, one in kefir, diluted with water. both are stiff and smell a little cheesy. This is what I've been up to, the weather is warming up, the flowers are in a wild dancing mood, giving their all before the heat sets in. paradise.


Healing Woman said...

I've never seen anyone work on a storycloth before. Amazing work!

Martine said...

Your storycloth and your working, its all about paradise Manya.

franka said...

very beautiful...i love the color of the linen in the 2.foto-what a smooth ,earthy brown..greetings from la palma

Joei Rhode Island said...

What a wonderful project. I didn't know that Baba Yaga was in Greece, too. She certainly flew everywhere! Greece does look like Paradise. Beautiful post.

Ladka said...

What prolific work, Manya! And so interesting! The small pieces using up your remnants are so cute.

Harnett-Hargrove said...

I love your post when you tell it all ... what is happening inside, outside, and what you are creating.... Happy paradise. -J

Manya Maratou said...

@healinwoman: Hi! I've never seen anyone work on an illustrated storycloth, either!

Martine, yes, a hurt paradise. all too often we do not appreciate it.

franka, welcome. I saw your blog, but for some reason it wouldn't open the comments page, fantastic felt! Where are you? Mallorca?

joei hi, she flew over on the wings of storywords :-) she is still very much a russian forest lady
Hello ladka, how is spring coming up in Slovenia?

Jayne, hi, your comments always make me stop and think- I'm searching now on the inside to see what I have revealed- you have a deep seeing eye. thanks.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

this is a beautiful place you have here and
I LOVE your remnants....
thank you so much for coming to my new cloth page and leaving me a lizard!
here, in New Mexico, on this land are many
beautiful blue tail lizards. They should be
waking soon from winter.
am very happy to meet you!

iNdi@ said...

that's beautiful, Manya...i made a stroyteller's cloak one years ago, when the children were little, but not nearly so vivid as this lovely cloth
mostly felt and stitch

soymilk is rather useful is egg yolk, for such purposes...

jude said...

beautiful, i love it.

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