Friday, October 30, 2009
this is the link to my photostream on flickr where I have fotos of my work with felt


martine frampton said...

thanks for sharing, I enjoyed looking at your felt work.
much love Martine

Jasmine said...

Hello Manya,
How are you? I hope the setbacks for the exhibition aren't causing you too many problems.

I'm reading Mythago Wood right now on the suggestion of lettuce (made4aid) and Susan (Artspark Theatre). As soon as I read the preface I thought of you and wondered if you told your tales with your eyes closed? It would take confidence as a lot of maintaining engagement rests with eye contact but the ethos behind the closed eyes in Mythago Wood is enchanting. It is to prevent the story from unconsciously shifting shape due to the reaction of the audience. It is to keep the legend true.

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