Friday, September 18, 2009


a bat came in to my room late last night scouting or hunting
so what is this creature of the night telling me?
It doesn't see very well, but it hears
so listen, listen he says
listen to what?
dark winged night creature tell me should I listen to my dreams? what I see when i don't see- the winged nightflight of my soul

give me your ears to hear what my eyes can't make out in the dark

he hangs upside down, like odin, who gave his eye for wisdom -the seeing, the seeing
like a baby in the womb getting ready for rebirth
like inanna's skin on the hook
time to die he says to be born again
let go he says
hang upside down he says for a moment or a while
in the dark
I do not hate black any more, it is all around me , I cannot live in hate, only regeneration can follow black
it has rained. alot and hard
the soil was pouring down the road to the sea
the sea was blackened. I couldn't help wondering what all this ash-water might be doing to the soil and to the sea people
there is a carpet of little two leaved miracles on the earth
weeds for dyeing
but even the oak begins as a two leaved sprout
we shall see what will sprout out of this earth


Harnett-Hargrove said...

Beautifully questioned, sought, and answered. And a new question crawls out from under the old.

τηλεμαχος said...

euxaristo ki esei ta exeis oraia ki as min katalabeno ta perisotera

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