Saturday, August 22, 2009

I hate black

wildfire. started at 10 pm, too late for the planes. on a hill behind the village, we are on the other side so that is probably ok. in a way.
on the hill where the landfill is going to be. pines, juniper, wild pistachio, innumerable flowers, kermes oaks, olivetrees, almond trees, sheep, goats,
the morning will show
there are 60 firefighters 2o fireengines the police won't let us near
I've spent nights up there watching out for fires
all alone with trees and stones, from sunset till dawn
it is a place where I have been made welcome by the trees and stones
I have listened to their tales
two years not a flame
this year they wouldn't let us look out for fires because of the landfill works
the riot police were up there, busloads,
the undercover "safety"police were there, carloads
and the firemen were there
and tonight the fire is there doing its work while the firemen protect the landfill landscape machinery
and the trees are burning
the animals are running
isaw foxes outside my house and birds flying at 3 oclock in the morning
it is snowing ashes
and the village is dancing. really. it is the summer dance-ball? of the football team, there is an orchestra playing in the square,
i smell smoke
I hear music
waiting for dawn when the planes can rise the sun will light the black of this nights work


yvette said...

ooooh scary....what a disaester...the animals and trees, the fear of you all.....I wish you courage and think think think of you all there.


Jasmine said...

Manya I am so sorry. Corrupt developers often use fire to impose their will. It makes me angry. In Newcastle (my home town) there were/are several listed buildings that had been refused planning permission that were subjected to repetitive arson attacks until the fire became stronger than the fire fire fighters and the will of the developers finally won.

For a while I chose Brighton for my home town. There were two piers. One remains, the tacky folly amusement arcade bling bling bleep pier. The other pier, run down, out of use, was home to bats and starlings. It was so beautiful, a historic echo. It was also subjected to an onslaught of arson attacks. Fire eventually won the battle and the pier is no more. I keep pictures of the pier on my wall.

There was a lot of controversy about the pier. Chris Eubanks (the ridiculous boxer) wanted to make the pier his home. This (thankfully) was refused. Then the pier was awarded lottery funding to reinstate the pier to its former beauty and make the pier into an art gallery. Many objected to the use of lottery funding as felt the money should go to worthier causes? The arson began again and Brighton lost a piece of history, a beautiful haunting and home to bats and starlings.

I wish there was something I could do to help you Manya. I know the fate of this land has been on your mind for a long while. You have psted about this before.

Sharon said...

My heart is crying for you and your loss. This must stop. Sharon

Assayya said...

i saw the fire on our dutch tv
they said the devolopers made the fire.
shame,shame on them.
my love. light and power, i send to you

yvette said...

Indeed I saw it on television too.....we think of you there!


ArtSparker said...

How terrible for you. We had a fire that burned much of the hills here about 18 years ago.

Jasmine said...

I've been thinking about you all day. It saddens me so much to hear your tale, yet I need to know more. Can we help? x

yvette said...

Manya.....I hope you can read this because we here awful things on the news here (dutch)
wish we could help you


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