Tuesday, November 30, 2010


gulls. they come inland when the sea is too rough. that's what the fishermen say.they make the wind visible

the cemetery is the border between civilised and wild, for the village. I live on the other side.
soft and fluffy. I gathered as much as I could find. Not sheep, I think it is sheepdog down.must be moulting because of the heat.
the house I live in is the one on the left. The view is south-east, towards Marathon.
these are proliferating-cheeky little ...nodding their heads in the wind with their tongues out.I've decided(it is a bit like a what if) to take part in a christmas market, Im busy making fishy pouches from clothes and scraps
the car burst its radiator so I get to walk to my sons school school. Great!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

this is not a fish

taking his meal to my son in school today I saw a tree going on a rideI've been working hard since I returned, but yesterday the sun was streaming through the window so I lay down on the bed to take a break and enjoy it. Yesterday the phone company gave me a new cell phone (to keep me as a customer for one more year) and I chose one with a strong camera. I was thinking of making a pouch for it. Lying in the sunlight I was thinking about being selfish and what a good thing it is, taking time to enjoy..

and when the pun appeared in my mind I couldn't resist...
I made a cellfishlate at night, taking another break from texts, translations, editing, I visited graces blog, windthread, and saw a yellow fish!
grace, thanks for the comment, now starfish are swimming in my daydreams

Sunday, November 21, 2010


I had time on my hands, visited various blogs, saw this and this, couldn't silence the sparks they set alight..started these

sorry about the photos with flash, it gets dark early here in Warsaw.
tomorrow I'll be travelling home

Thursday, November 18, 2010


hard to believe this guy popped out of me 14 years ago and made me a mother
he is already taller than I am, living with his dad and getting an education. I am so proud of him!

we are in Warsaw, visiting. Grey skies, fantastic nude trees reaching up, piercing the low clouds.

it is my birthday today, 45. I feel I am carrying many me's inside of me, all glad to be here.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


grey, yes, screams for colour. I washed some of my summer dyed cloths, tore bits, layered rags and now I'm practising stitching Round and roundand I finished(yes, finished!)two pouches, the blackbird for my brother and swinging my arms.

practising buttonhole edging, getting better by the stitch

it is much too hot for the time of year, the trees are undecided about how to deal with it. some think it is spring, new leaves, flowers etc, some are tentativeley changing colour. the mulberries are still in full green leaf, anemones are dotting the grasses, lilacs think it is eastertime, some plants have flowered four times this year. And the olives are on strike for the third or fourth year in a row.

cotton sheets and rags. indigo, cochineal bought a while ago in a quest for red, black eyed susan and mixes
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